Combustion Technologies, LLC

“Providing Simple, Flexible and Cost-Effective solutions for fouling and slagging problems
created during the combustion of coal (including lignite), oil and natural gas”.

Combustion Technologies two primary products, Polarchem L2K and G3, are non-hazardous, water soluble and environmentally safe additives.

They are aqueous solutions consisting of oxidizing and neutralizing agents that are injected into the radiation section of boilers while online to remove fouling and slagging.

The use of Polarchem significantly reduces SO3 emissions by capturing and converting SO3 into neutral, non-reactive salts.

The Polarchem products are a mixture of nitrates with homogenizers, catalysts and inhibitors that chemically modify all the deposits which then become dry, friable and easy to remove.

Polarchem has been used extensively in Europe and many industrialized countries throughout the world for more than 45 years.

Polarchem has a proven record of “doing no harm” to boilers and equipment used in power plants, refineries, bio-mass and waste to energy facilities.

Measureable improvement and benefits are typically seen within weeks of using Polarchem, assuring a rapid payback.

Combustion Technologies Polarchem Cleaning System increases the efficiency of heat transfer surfaces while reducing emissions.

Ask your Representative for details on how the use of Polarchem can be of benefit to you.

All Polarchem injections occur during online operation.
No Unscheduled Shut Downs are required.